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Whatever you’re studying this guide can help you maximize your chances of exam success.

It will show you how to prepare for exams and adopt appropriate revision and exam techniques.

Whatever you want to do in life you'll almost certainly need to take exams at some time. Getting good grades can open doors, for you to follow the path you want. Whether you’re at school, college or university, doing evening classes, studying for a vocational qualification or learning to drive, exams seem to find their way into so many parts of our lives. And yet, despite the importance of exams in today’s society, it’s sad that most people will prepare for their exams without being aware of basic information about study and exam technique.

I’ve seen education both as a student and a teacher. A few years ago, and ten years after completing my formal education, I did a part-time course in mathematics. At the time I was working full-time, so studying was confined to evenings and weekends. It was only then that I really discovered and appreciated the importance of study and exam technique. By following some simple guidelines I completed the course and gained a first class mark with distinction. If only I’d thought about these techniques the first time round. If only all students could follow the same guidelines…

To do anything well you have to know how. During the last few years I’ve marked thousands of exam papers. I’ve seen students making the same mistakes I did as a student, and inventing others that hadn’t occurred to me! Under exam stress students often make easily avoidable mistakes – and they loose marks as a consequence. It’s such a pity! I’ve produced this study guide in the hope that I can help you avoid such mistakes, whatever subjects you are studying, at whatever level and for whatever purpose.