How to write a 5 paragraph essay.

A 5 paragraph essay needs to be written succinctly. Although it may sound like an easy assignment it requires quite a lot of skill to do a 5 paragraph essay well.

The first paragraph of a five paragraph essay is the essay introduction. This is where the reader is told what the essay is about. It should include the thesis statement: a mini-outline for the essay. There may also be an attention grabber, which must, of course, be absolutely relevant to the essay. The last sentence should include a "transitional hook", moving the reader to the next paragraph.

Careful planning is required to identify only the three most important points or themes that will be covered in paragraphs two to four (the main body of the essay). The very best examples should be cherry picked from those available, and only the most pertinent details should be conveyed to the reader. There’s no room for any peripheral information or verbose discussion. The quality of each and every sentence needs to be assessed: each one must contribute significant information; each must be concise and crystal clear.

The first sentence of each paragraph should contain a "reverse hook" which connects with the end of the last paragraph. The first or second sentence of the paragraph should then state the subject that will be covered. Work on this sentence, writing and rewriting it until your sure it’s just right: it needs to be articulate, concise and lucid. The last sentence of each paragraph should include a transitional hook to lead the reader on to the next paragraph smoothly.

The concluding paragraph is the summary paragraph. Restate the thesis and the main conclusions. Do not add new information, examples or details, or reargue your case. It should already be clear why and how you have reached your conclusions.